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What We Do

SIVAD Business Solutions was founded with a mission to identify and fix work processes that waste employee time, lower employee productivity and affect the bottom line. By coupling knowledge and expertise with software development, SIVAD is able to provide solutions that automate the processes used by organizations to run their day-to-day business.


By listening to customer’s needs, SIVAD designs, implements and supports solutions whose goal is to save time and provide greater efficiencies in their customer’s working environment.

Forms Management, Document Management and Records Retention Module - Web & Cloud based forms capture technology 

  • Use forms wizard to help guide users through filling out any necessary form​s

  • Forms are completed online using standard web browser technology

  • Secure cloud based management module for the acceptance and processing of all forms

  • Complete historical database on all forms, plus storage and retention of all forms

Data Management and Dashboard Analytics Module

  • Capture important data through intelligent importing, web portals, mobile apps, and user input​

  • Module contains workflow based rules to put intelligence behind captured data

  • All data is organized for historical review

  • Module contains configurable dashboards to view data in any needed format

Project & Task Management Module

  • Create projects & tasks and assign them for completion

  • View dashboard for all project & tasks status

  • Import activity calendars and create tasks based on events

  • Communicate with task holders through email and mobile app

Inventory Management Module

  • Create equipment types for any piece of equipment or consumable and track complete usage history

  • Track equipment items using barcode technology and scanners

  • Assign preventative maintenance schedules to any equipment type

  • Track any piece of equipment leaving a location using GPS technology

Employee and Customer Relationship Management Module

  • Create historical records of any employee and/or any outside desired group of people

  • Includes self serviced web portal where a user can see work schedules, sign up for training classes, respond to messages or complete needed documents

  • Build communication templates to be sent out in bulk or any subset of contacts from the module

  • Track any earned payment and produce files for finance processing

Purchasing Consortium Module

  • Build online store for your products

  • Include pictures and descriptions for any products

  • Contains intelligent pricing algorithms to handle any pricing schema

  • Automatically generate purchase orders or invoice information

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