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SIVAD leverages experience coupled with hardware and software technology to automate work processes.

Our Mission

to implement technology to save time and increase productivity in the work environment


Our Why

SIVAD was started as a result of working for companies where we had too much to do and not enough time to complete it.  We believed then, and we prove it now, that technology used in the right way can have a profound effect on how work gets done.

Our approach​

Our approach is to target those bottlenecked manual processes and provide technology tools and services to assist your staff in completing their work efficiently and on time. When engaging with any new customer we follow the flow of information to discover their biggest issues and the most value-added solutions. This flow can also be looked at as the standard practice we follow.

Our Standard Practice

  1. Identify the flow of information – data or documents

  2. Identify what the flow of information affects – revenue, operations, relations, decision making

  3. Identify where the flow of information is caught up in bottlenecks or problems

    1. Too little or too much labor involved

    2. Duplication of efforts in capturing data

    3. Extended times waiting on approval or work completion

    4. Data not getting in the right hands for decision making

  4. Identify the optimal flow and outcome for the data

  5. Work with stakeholders to discover and implement the right technology for positive efficiency and productivity

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