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SIVAD Business Solutions was founded with a mission to identify and fix work processes that waste employee time, lower employee productivity and affect the bottom line. By coupling knowledge and expertise with software development, SIVAD is able to provide solutions that automate the processes used by organizations to run their day-to-day business.

Sivad Framework – This illustration is to help better explain the mission of  SIVAD Business Solutions. This Framework represents the flow of information from almost any type of organization. On the left is where information knowledge enters an organization. This can be in the form of data (either from conversations or electronic data) and from documents (invoices, applications, research, etc.). On the far right is what the information affects. This could be revenue (positive or negative), operations (how they handle, move and react to the information), relations (employees, vendors, customers) and how decisions are made (all through the organization).

Illustrated by the red arrow, are the issues an organization has when information creates bottlenecks and problems. All through the process the arrow is taking twists and turns. This could be too much or too little labor handling the information. You might have the same information being entered multiple times in different internal systems. This information may be sitting for extended times on someone’s desk waiting for approval or more work to be done. Finally if the information is not entered right or is not getting in the right hands could lead to the wrong decisions being made about the organization’s future. Regardless of which turn or twist it is taking, it is having negative effects on revenue, operations, relations, and decisions.

The mission for SIVAD is illustrated by the yellow arrow. We want to help create the straightest and quickest path to positive revenues, lower cost operations, improved relationships, and the most informed decisions. Our building blocks for this success are as follows:

Automated Capture –SIVAD’s solutions automate the capture of information from incoming data and documents. Even if that incoming data originates on paper, SIVAD’s solutions can automatically capture the needed data without manual data entry. This makes the incoming information reusable, reliable and more valuable to all who need it.

Workflow – As illustrated in the red line above, manual processes are filled with bottle necks that drain productivity from an organization. Workflow solutions automate manual processes into electronic processes. Email notifications let users know when there are documents that need their approval, need more work to be completed, split resource utilization better, and more, all based off an organization’s business rules. This leads to better communication and improved efficiencies.

Integration – One issue that organizations face is a multitude of internal software applications that cannot communicate with each other. Organizations might have different systems for finance, human resources, facility management, executive administration, and others. If information cannot be routed automatically between these systems, there is valuable company knowledge being lost or manually being entered. SIVAD’s solutions create the integration between these systems so all information can be leveraged.

Document Repository – One of the most basic of our building block solutions are document management solutions. These solutions turn the paper in your filing cabinets into digital images that can be accessed by those who need them, when they need them.

Data Analytics – It is not enough to capture all your valuable information electronically, but to get the most out of that information, you need to have the ability to effectively analyze it. SIVAD’s data analytics solutions allow for the creation of data analytics profiles to measure anything and everything that is important to your organization.

Reporting – SIVAD offers reporting in the form of customizable dashboards in order to review the indicators that are most important at a moment’s glance.

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