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Dr. Tina Rooks of Turning Technologies - by Todd Schnick on October 12th, 2012


Tina RooksJoined by Dr. Tina Rooks, of Turning Technologies, assessment delivery and data collection solutions. She serves as the Vice President and Chief Instructional Officer.

1. What is a clicker, and what does it have to do with improving and aiding education? “…a communication path BACK to the educator.”

2. The digital native, verses the digital immigrant.

3. How will clicker technology adapt and be compatible with smart phone and tablet devices?

4. “Giving a voice to those students who may have felt out of the class mainstream. This technology is a leveler…”

5. How does this technology result in cost savings, and what about security concerns?

Turning Technologies6. We discuss Triton, their data collection system. And replacing bubble sheets forever…

7. What impacts are Turning Technologies, and technology in general, having on special needs education, and response to intervention…

8. “Technology doesn’t fix education, but it enables us to implement best practices, and ease pain.”

9. “We want to be sure student WANT to be in an educational setting, and to want to keep learning the rest of their life.”

10. Click here to learn more about Turning Technologies.


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