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Neil Versel: Patient Care and Health IT - by Todd Schnick on September 17th, 2012


neil verselNeil Versel, a freelance journalist specializing in health IT, joins us on SIVAD Radio!

We gathered to talk about the role that new and better health technologies should be playing in improving patient care.


1. The innovation, and future of digital health technologies.

2. Covering the digital health space for over ten years, Neil shares what has changed in that time period… A faster rate of adoption is a significant change…

3. Quality patient care…is it still a priority with all of the technological changes?

4. “Does having health insurance ensure that you will receive good patient care?”

5. Is the focus on health IT to improve patient care? Or to ease the payment and insurance process?

6. The impact of health care reform on technology and its role in patient care.

7. Do all the players really understand the economics of health care? Are VCs just looking to profit from a multi-trillion dollar industry?

8. You can find Neil’s blog at Meaningful HIT News.


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  1. [...] a rare turn of events, I’m the one being asked the questions on a podcast by Sivad Business Solutions, which hosts regular audio discussions on a variety of business topics. [...]

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